Pastor's Thoughts............

Living Intentionally in 2020

Happy New Year!!  It's a blessing and a privilege to be found on this side of heaven and my word for this moment in INTENTIONAL.  As we discover ourselves blessed to see not only another year, but the beginning of another decade, I am determined that I am going to live my life INTENTIONALLY.  

The word intentional means on purpose, by design and for the beloved of Christ this is how we should be living every moment we have.  We were all created with purpose by design but yet w spend our lives seeking everything except the plan and design of the Creator.  We often make living in our purpose way too difficult which leads many of us to sulk and pout convinced that we will never be the world influencer that others around us seem to be.  There is a principle at work here that echoes the parable Jesus taught in Matthew 25:33.  "Well done, good and faithful servant; you have been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.  Enter into the joy of the Lord." NKJV  

We have not found joy in our lives because we have been intentional about tending to and growing and developing the FEW things to show the Lord we can be trusted with much.  I have decided that my life must be intentional so that I am not found guilty of wasting the time, talent and treasure that the Lord has entrusted to my hands.  You want to be an influencer in the earth?  Then influence those in your house, your job, your community and your circle.  As we move forward to being more intentional we will discover that the God we serve has been intentional from the beginning.

I have decided that I am going to be intentional with what I speak.  The Bible tells me that life and death are in the power of my tongue so I am going to be intentional about speaking life.  Our Father did this when He stepped out into the vastness of nothing and spoke everything into existance.  Genesis 1:1, in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.  God did not create the world as we know it by accident or leave things to chance.  He was intentional about the moon giving the light at night and the sun giving light and warmth by day.  He was intentional about the precise distance the sun needed to be from this planet Earth so that we could live and not be burned to a crisp.  He was intentional on how the plants and trees all around us would release oxygen into the atmosphere providing for us clean air to breath.  He was intentional when he placed man in the garden and gave him an assignment, God was intentional.  He was intentional to send His only begotten Son Jesus into the world.  Jesus came with purpose, by design to intentionally go to the cross to redeem me from sin, He was intentional!

My desire to be intentional is driven by the fact that I do not want to waste time any longer.  I am sure we all have those times when we look back over our lives and we think, we regret, we sorrowfully imagine what could have been, should have been, would have been.  But that is a waste of time and energy because we can't go back and fix those things but our Father CAN redeem the time!!  Travis Greene says "all things are working for my good, He's intentional, never failing".  That's what I have to believe.  Today, in this moment in this new year and this new decade, I determine that my life is going to be intentional.  I will be intentional in my study, my prayer life, my quiet time.  I will be intentional in the choices I make about my finances, my diet and my recreation.  I will intentional about my relationships, my speaking engagements and my travels.  I will be intentional in my availability to the Lord so He can order my steps, light my path and speak to my heart.

I know that when I live intentionally, He will respond.  I'm excited about this decade and I am speaking life to the things that He says shall rise and live.  I'm living intentionally because I've got Kingdom things to do and He's assigned certain things to my hands alone.  I can't wait to see what He will do as I surrender myself intentionally, completely.  

What does this intentional life look like?  Isaiah 6:8 says "then I heard the voice of the Lord saying Whom shall I send and who will go for Us?  Then I said, Here I am! Send me." NKJV 

Here I am, Lord, intentionally waiting, You can send me.

Grace and peace, Pastor G