Sometimes we get so close to the victory that we think we can slow down and start to shout, dance or celebrate. But God is very strategic in how He does things and we must learn to listen to His every command. When you have victory in your sight, don't stop to shout, keep moving to the finish. There is victory right up ahead but it is not time to shout yet. Lets listen to the Lords Word today and be strengthened for the battle.

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This month of March is a month of prophetic declaration. We are going to march OUT of some old things and INTO some new things. But in order to get the victory we have to be armed. Are you armed today with the Word of God, do you know that you have God's armor available to you? Let's hear what happened at the Battle of Jericho when the Israelites marched into their promise. You can apply this to you today and live victorious in Him.

Do you know that Jesus can see the value in us even when we look like an old, cracked, broken pot? This story of the potter and the clay reminds us that the Creator God, Elohim, will mold us and fashion us for His glory if we just surrender to the potters hands and the wheel. You can't be in any better hands than the hands of the Almighty God who created you. Let Him use every crack and blemish to get the glory from your story

Waiting is one of those things that no one particularly enjoys doing. We want everything quickly, but that's not always the case with the Lord. We must learn to wait and we must learn HOW to wait. They that wait on the Lord will have their strength renewed.