Welcome to......

Simply put.....we know our mission is to do what God says do, and how He says to do it!!

Every successful road trip needs a map or a GPS.  We believe we are the GPS on this road to Truth and Life and we will:

Family and Community ​are vital to the life of the church so we are always listening to God for new ways to connect and serve 

Prepare believers to re-present Jesus Christ in our daily lives and for the work of the ministry

Collaboration is possible when we understand that we are all building God's Kingdom and not our own

Teaching and Training  are the core of who we are.  The gifts that are given to the church are to equip and mature for ministry work locally and abroad

Support believers as they move out doing what God has called them to do, providing prayer, advice and loving fellowship

Grow up believers to receive instruction from God's Word through weekly services, Bible Study and other trainings