About The Way Community Church... where church just ain't that hard!

Sorry for the bad grammar, but we don't believe church should be as hard as we make it.  Life itself is hard enough, but our church experience just doesn't need to be.

We are a non-denominational, multi-ethnic, multi-generational, diverse church family whose members love Christ and desire to present Him to everyone we can.  The Way Community Church is a place where kids and teens feel welcome, where seasoned adults feel included and where we all experience the uncomplicated love of Jesus Christ.

We will fulfill the assignment known as the Great Commission which Jesus gave to all believers according to Matthew 28:19.  This assignment is to preach the Gospel, the Good News, to share that Jesus is the way to salvation, to teach, equip and grow up the believers to show the character of Jesus Christ, to be His disciples in our homes, our communities, our city and our world.

As a church community we want to present God, Jesus and Holy Spirit as relevant, practical and applicable through His Word, the Bible, to everyone and anyone who wants to know and grow.  Jesus is our example and our teacher and He is the only Way to Truth and Life!  John 14:6

Can you picture yourself here?